A monument to celebrate innovation

calendar_today Wednesday 18 October 2023

We created a monument to celebrate our first line of corporate strategy: "Most innovative in the world for overhead lines"!

In our Monument, the Past, Present and Future of Electrical Transmission Networks meet.

As a clear demonstration of our Front Line of Corporate Strategy

“The most innovatives in the world for overhead lines

we have installed the top of a High Voltage Energy Transmission Pylon in front of our office building, with some of our most representative conductors.

The monument that dominates the front of the office building

The conductors of three historical eras of which our company is the protagonist are showcased in the trinate bundle:

Dettaglio conduttori su fascio trinato
Un dettaglio dei tre conduttori presenti nel fascio trinato
  • ACSR, the most widespread aluminum conductors with steel core for a century in the world:
    • we have supplied hundreds of thousands of km of them and they are still popular
  • ACCM, the most modern patented lightweight high-temperature carbon fiber conductors in the world:
    • we have supplied thousands of km of them and they are in great development
  • Smart Conductors for the Intelligent Network of the Future:
    • … soon we will invite you to test our Pilot Line!!!

Click on the links and gather more information on the conductors you are interested in!

If you want to try to choose your favorite conductor yourself, use our configurator

If you want the advice of our experts, contact us!

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