An unrivaled range of conductors for overhead power transmission lines

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De Angeli Prodotti has an unrivalled range of overhead power transmission line conductors to suit all needs.

Conduttori a regola d'arte
State-of-the-art conductors

De Angeli Prodotti produces an unrivaled range of overhead conductors for energy transmission lines that meet all your needs:

  • Very large conductors: eg. our ACSR dia. 56.26 mm, with 37 galvanized steel wires and 150 aluminium wires
  • Of all shapes: wires can be round, but also trapezoidal or zed shaped for very compact conductors
  • Of all alloys: aluminum (soft and hard), aluminum alloys with magnesium and silicon (standard and high conductivity) and zirconium (for high temperature)
  • Surface-treated conductors – sandblasted and colored: to reduce corona-noise or to make them invisible (camouflage)
  • Conductors with galvanized core, or Aluminum-zinc coated steel or ACS (Aluminium Clad Steel) core
  • HTLS (High-Temperature Low-Sag) conductors according to most advanced technologies: ZTACIRACSSGAP-TypeCarbon-core (multi-strand)
Some of our conductors

De Angeli Prodotti designs conductors for their customers using PLS CADD to optimize performance, and provides through the support of well-established technological partners the correct installation of fittings and accessories.

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