Surface treatments

The OHL (Over Head Lines) perform a valuable and indispensable task because they allow industries, services and residences to access the electricity service. The growing attention of the community to environmental issues requires from the TSO (Transmission System Operator) advanced solutions that fully respect the protection of the territory and improve the ability to withstand extreme weather events. For this reason De Angeli Prodotti designed and developed several surface treatments to help the infrastructures to reduce their impact, increasing their acceptability and resilience.

  • Anti-Ice conductors

    Surface treatments

    Anti-Ice conductors

    Conductor coated with a super-hydrophobic paint (coating) capable of limiting and/or eliminating the growth of ice sleeves.

  • Colored conductor

    Surface treatments

    Colored conductor

    By colouring the external surface, a conductor with a very low visual impact is obtained without impairing their functionality, allowing them to be more in harmony with the external environment…

  • Sandblasted

    Surface treatments


    De Angeli Prodotti has developed a process for sandblasting the outer layer of conductors to reduce the corona effect.