Surface treatments

Anti-Ice conductors

Conductor coated with a super-hydrophobic paint (coating) capable of limiting and/or eliminating the growth of ice sleeves.


Global climate change brings unpredictable weather phenomena, such as heavy snowfall, which have often not been taken into consideration in the initial design of overhead power lines and which cause breakage of the conductors resulting in unacceptable interruptions in the supply of electricity.             

Anti-Ice conductors


De Angeli Prodotti has designed and developed a conductor coated with a varnish that contains special nanoparticles to make the surface super-hydrophobic, in order to mitigate the creation of the ice loading on the conductor.
De Angeli Prodotti is able to apply this treatment to all conductors and ground wires for overhead transmission lines in any formation and diameter.


Anti-ice treatments offer a significant reduction and/ or elimination of ice-load, which can cause the breaking of conductors, and allow to avoid damages related to extreme weather events and to increase the resilience of overhead electricity networks.


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