Conductors for automotive

The world of mobility is changing: the introduction of hybrid or electric technology in vehicles is now a reality. We have the best solutions for the construction of compact and efficient windings for the automotive sector!

  • Oxidized litz wire

    Bare conductors

    Conductors for automotive

    Oxidized litz wire

    Oxidized Litz Wire maximizes the efficiency of the final product with increased copper usage and a reduced environmental footprint. Its solvent-free production process makes it a sustainable choice for modern…

  • Thervest Enameled flat wire

    Conductors for automotive

    Enameled conductors

    Thervest Enameled flat wire

    A wide range of enamelled wires, a product that boasts a thirty-year tradition of production and now adapted to meet automotive needs

  • LITZ wires

    Conductors for automotive

    LITZ wires

    Litz wire are made of houndreds or thousands of elementary conductors to win skin effect!