High-efficiency insulated flat and round wires: the future of E-Mobility is here

The future speaks of E-Mobility

At the heart of the energy transition to electric mobility, De Angeli Prodotti has been on an exciting journey since 2018. By founding a dedicated team and obtaining IATF certification at the end of 2022, we set ourselves the goal of actively contributing to this paradigm shift.

With EU countries approving a ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2035, hybrid and electric technology is becoming increasingly prevalent. Looking ahead, we see vehicles with more powerful units that will operate at higher voltages, up to 800-1000 V and beyond.

As pioneers in this field, we design specialised solutions and products tailored to our customers’ needs: precise geometries, high insulation thicknesses, higher thermal classes, partial discharge resistance and cooling oil compatibility. The future of motoring is here, and De Angeli Prodotti is ready to lead this transformation with excellence and advanced solutions.

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Our history as major players in the green revolution

The energy transition favors decarbonisation, required globally to slow down climate change and limit the increase in global warming.

De Angeli Prodotti is at the forefront of the Green Revolution to save planet Earth: 30 years of experience in the energy sector have allowed us to develop magnet wires suitable for all types of electrical machines, capable of improving their reliability and performance, reaching an annual production of 40,000 tons of finished product.

Motors, transformers, generators, high frequency applications! A portfolio of high-tech winding conductors, capable of responding to future challenges in the world of energy.

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Concrete actions for the environment around us

We have chosen to pursue a concrete response in the field of eco-sustainable development, outlining specific Sustainable Development objectives starting from the 2030 Agenda.

More and more photovoltaic panels are covering our roofs to multiply the production of energy from renewable sources.

Our continuous improvement specialists are constantly committed to achieving specific KPIs: objectives such as monitoring the kWh/kg value and reducing energy consumption are on our agenda every day, without forgetting that the R&D department is studying alternative solutions to guarantee NMP-free copper wires to our customers!

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A new department dedicated to the Automotive sector

De Angeli Prodotti is leading the electric mobility revolution with strategic investments.

Since 2021, we are already in series production for PAI enameled flat wires for hairpin, and now we already have a new infrastructure completely dedicated to the E-mobility market.

By the end of February 2024, 5 new lines will be operational for the production of PAI and PI enameled flat wires. At the end of December 2024, we will add an extrusion line for PEEK insulated wires, with a total capacity of 3000 tons per year.

Looking to 2025, De Angeli Prodotti has already planned to further expand the investment, reaching 16 lines and a production capacity of 8,000 tonnes per year.

Our growth reflects our commitment to anticipating market needs and offering high-quality solutions in the field of electric mobility.


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The main applications of our automotive products

Hairpin stators for traction motors

Hairpins, made from enameled/extruded wire, are a key component in electric vehicle (EV) traction motors, known for their compact design and high energy efficiency.

Statore hairpin automotive

Magnetless rotors for traction motors

An ecological alternative solution to traditional magnetic rotors. They provide excellent torque and power, usually made with round enamelled wire but also with Litz wire.

Electric steering

Electric steering systems use electrical energy to assist in steering the vehicle. They improve driver control and are an integral part of modern automobile safety and convenience features.

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Cooling/heating valves

These valves use small, round enamelled wires to regulate the flow of coolant in a car’s engine to manage its temperature, ensuring optimal running conditions.

Sunroof opening systems

They come in various types, including sliding, tilting or panoramic sunroofs, which allow natural light and ventilation inside the vehicle.

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Alternators use small flat and round enamelled/extruded wires for the vehicle’s charging system, converting mechanical energy from the engine into electrical energy to charge the battery and power the vehicle’s electrical systems.

Starting motors

Starters in mild hybrid systems are specialized electric motors that assist the internal combustion engine during the start-stop operation. They provide quick and smooth engine restart, improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions in mild hybrid vehicles.

Our products for the e-Mobility sector

The continuous evolution of electric motors requires cutting-edge solutions, in particular when it comes to operating voltages that reach 800 V and above. This growing challenge highlights the need for windings that not only meet dielectric requirements but also excel mechanically and chemically.

The De Angeli Prodotti philosophy has always been that of diversification, believing that there will not be a single solution capable of covering the entire E-mobility market. Therefore, we are committed to providing a complete range of electric motor winding products, capable of responding to the growing challenges of technological evolution.

Extruded PEEK Flat wires: For a slightly higher investment, extruded PEEK flat wire emerge as the excellent product to respond to the high performance required by the E-mobility sector. With a high thermal class, impeccable partial discharge resistance and exceptional compatibility with oils, these flat wires not only meet high quality standards, but also play a crucial role in sustainability, significantly contributing to the reduction of solvent emissions.

PAI and PI Enameled Flat Wires: In the vast panorama of enameled flat wires, PAI (polyamide-imide) presents itself as a choice which, while maintaining a lower insulation thickness than PEEK, retains notable electrical and compatibility properties at a more accessible cost. PAI, still widely used in standard electric motors, stands out for its ease of application and competitive price. We also offer a valid alternative to PEEK: PI (polymide), characterized by comparable performance in terms of thermal class (240) and compatibility with oils. The flexibility of PI, thanks to its thermosetting nature, surpasses that of PEEK, ensuring a complete solution for the changing needs of the continuously evolving electrical sector.

Wrapped Adhesive Polyimide Flat Wires: We recognize that there may be hesitancy on the part of OEMs towards a taped solution, however our taped adhesive Polyimide flat wires represent one of the products with the highest PDIV, comparable to PEEK. Furthermore, the compatibility with cooling oils is optimal. This distinctive approach is made possible thanks to the use of a specific glue that ensures adhesion and seal.

Litz Wire: The Litz Wire solution offers high design flexibility and performance at high frequencies, meeting the most advanced and specific needs of electric vehicle manufacturers.

This detailed comparison provides a comprehensive overview of the distinctive features of each solution, facilitating informed decision making for specific applications in the context of E-mobility.

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Peekvest: Extruded PEEK Flat Wires

This product offers not only exceptional electrical properties but also extraordinary resistance to partial discharges and ATF oils.

With significant insulation thicknesses, it justifies a higher investment to achieve high-level performance, ensuring a solid foundation for the most demanding 800V applications.

Peek extruded flat wire

Thervest Enamelled Flat Wires

In the category of enameled flat wires, we present solutions both in PAI, Thervest 220 and in PI, Thervest 240. The first offers a lower insulation thickness than PEEK but maintains good electrical and compatibility properties with a more moderate cost . Our innovative PI enameled flat wire, on the other hand, represents a valid alternative to PEEK even if it does not reach the same insulation thicknesses.

With comparable performance and a thermal class of 240, it perfectly suits the trend of using electric motors with increasingly higher working voltages.

Piattina thervest 200

Wrapped Polyimide FEP Flat Wires

Our adhesive Polymide insulated flat wires offer a unique approach. They combine maximum oil resistance with electrical properties comparable to PEEK, while maintaining a certain degree of flexibility during hairpin bending thanks to the sintering of the adhesive glue during the taping process.

Polyimide fep flat wire

Litz Wire

Finally, our Litz Wire, with single 0.05 copper wire and a wide range of external insulations, including Kapton, Nomex and Mylar.

This option offers high design flexibility and high frequency performance, responding to the most advanced and specific needs of car-makers.

Litz wire litz cable