Ground wires

Each MV (Medium-Voltage) and HV (High-Voltage) overhead power line shall be protected against lightning discharges. This is the role of the ground wires that are placed right on top of the support towers (pylons). The diffusion of the electricity network on the territory is exploited for the transmission of data through ground wires containing optical fibers (OPGW – Optical Ground Wire).

  • OPPC (Optical Phase Conductor)

    Ground wires

    OPPC (Optical Phase Conductor)

    OPPC (Optical Phase Conductors) are the combination of a phase conductor commonly used for energy transport with an optical core for data transmission.

  • ACS (Aluminium Clad Steel)

    Ground wires

    ACS (Aluminium Clad Steel)

    The ACS (Aluminium Clad Steel) rods are installed as an alternative to the traditional galvanized steel ground wires for the protection of overhead power lines from lightning.