De Angeli Prodotti is included in the list of the 1,000 Champions Companies for 2020

calendar_today Friday 29 May 2020

De Angeli Prodotti is included in the list of the 1,000 Champions Companies for 2020 published by Corriere della Sera.

De Angeli Prodotti is included in the list of the 1,000 Champions Companies for 2020 published by Corriere della Sera. This is a prestigious award that certifies the company’s excellent results in terms of turnover over the past 6 years and confirms its “health” status.

The survey recounts two important universes of the Italian company: the one between 20 and 120 million in turnover, which sees the presence of 800 champion companies, and the one between 120 and 500 million in turnover, a list of 200 top Italian performer companies, in which fits De Angeli Prodotti. In fact, our company is part of the 35 companies that bring the province of Padua to eighth place in the special ranking drawn up by ItalyPost. Veneto with 175 enterprises is the second region after Lombardy, which boasts the primacy with 335 names on the list.

Lista aziende premiate da ItalyPost

The study

The 200 Champions have been selected from the databases of Aida-Bureau Van Dijk and the Business Register of Infocamere, relating to companies with 2018 turnover between 120 and 500 million and with reference to the last six financial statements filed (2012-2018). Selection criteria, in addition to the turnover, are:

  • average aggregate growth (Cagr) 2012-2018 equal to at least 3.26%;
  • annual average of gross industrial profits (EBITDA) in the last three years equal to at least 5.67% of turnover;
  • “balanced” or “excellent” rating, that is between double B and triple A, based on the attribution of the Modefinance rating agency;
  • average NFP / EBITDA ratio of less than 2.5.

Source: italypost

De Angeli Prodotti

VAT NumberIT03585010287
ProvincePD Padua
Turnover year 2018 (€/000)€ 150.096,00
Turnover 2012 (€/000)€ 115.591,00
CAGR 2012-20184.45%
EBITDA 2018 (€/000)€ 12.102,00
EBITDA % average 3 years7.21%
Operating result 2018 (€/000)€ 6.861,00
Net assets 2018 (€/000)€ 30.930,00
ROE 201822.18%
Rating MORE 2018BBB
SectorManufacturing / Electric and electronic

Together to exit the post-pandemic crisis

The results of the study were released in mid-March, in the midst of a pandemic, and subsequently in May were presented, in the midst of “Phase 2”. We want to remember that our company in this period has continued to give its best with an overall vision that goes beyond turnover, but includes the desire to continue to grow and innovate with a view to continuous improvement which has been our strength. in recent years and will continue to be so in the coming years. De Angeli Prodotti together with the 1,000 champions listed by ItalyPost will be the starting point for a solid economic future in the country.

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