A new superconductor: here we are!

calendar_today Thursday 07 July 2016

Our company took part in the realization of a new superconductor thanks to the cooperation with important American and European partners.

De Angeli Prodotti gets the prestigious task of wrapping a superconducting material for an extremely complex and valiant research project, with the cooperation between Fermilab (U.S.A.) and ASG Superconductors (Genova – Italy).
This collaboration makes the company part of an highly innovative research project, into the engineering and nuclear physics fields.

Superconduttore foto cern ginevra
A photo of the new superconductor

The superconducting material looks, at the first glance, like a normal flat wire: indeed it allows to conduct electricity in enhanced mode, at extremely low temperatures, being made up of a particular aluminum outer shell enclosing superconducting strands.
De Angeli Prodotti gets the important assignment to insulate the superconductor with a special glass fabric tape, with a specific configuration: the extreme precision and attention required by the processing, need a very high level of preparation, which it submits De Angeli Prodotti to a careful and precise planning.

Participation in the project makes us very proud and interested in possible future developments, including important experiments that could lead to discoveries worthy of the Nobel Prize!

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