Dynamic Line Rating Technology (DLR): what is it about?

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Accurate monitoring of power lines is essential for efficient and safe modern networks. De Angeli Prodotti has developed the Smart Conductor with DLR technology, providing precise assessments that help operators make informed decisions to ensure the efficiency and safety of the electrical system.

Accurate monitoring of power lines is essential to ensure the efficiency, reliability, and safety of modern electrical grids. In this context, Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) technology represents a significant advancement. De Angeli Prodotti, an industry leader in energy line solutions, has developed the Smart Conductor, a state-of-the-art conductor combined with DLR technology, to offer precise and detailed monitoring of power lines. The data analysis derived from the use of the Smart Conductor enables grid operators to make informed and responsive decisions, which are crucial for ensuring the efficiency and safety of the electrical system.


1. What is Dynamic Line Rating (DLR)?

Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) is an innovative technology that enables real-time monitoring of the transmission capacity of overhead power lines. In contrast to traditional methods based on static assessments, DLR takes into account dynamic factors to calculate transmission capacity, such as:

  • ambient temperature: when high, it reduces the capacity of the power line to safely carry current;
  • wind speed: strong wind increases transmission capacity due to heat dissipation from the power lines;
  • solar radiation: if the power line is directly exposed to the sun, the temperature rises, and transmission capacity decreases;
  • current carried: the amount of current passing through the power line at a specific moment.

2. How does DLR work on De Angeli Prodotti’s Smart Conductor?

DLR systems rely on a network of sensors placed along the power line that continuously collect data on the aforementioned parameters. These data are transmitted to a central system that uses advanced algorithms to process them and calculate transmission capacity in real-time. Transmission capacity is a dynamic value that can vary throughout the day, along the length of the line, and based on weather conditions.

The main distinction of De Angeli Prodotti’s product in the classic Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) lies in the use of the Smart Conductor, a technological system distributed along the entire length of the conductor. Unlike traditional solutions that install monitoring equipment only at selected points along the line, the Smart Conductor provides direct and continuous measurement along the entire length of the conductor.

DLR Dynamic Line Rating real time monitoring system
DLR Dynamic Line Rating: real time monitoring system

This approach eliminates the need to estimate or interpolate data, allowing for precise and real-time assessment of the transmission capacity of the line without blind spots or approximations.

3. Advantages of the Smart Conductor-Dynamic Line Rating system

Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) offers a wide range of benefits that extend beyond simply assessing the real-time transmission capacity of power lines. By integrating DLR with additional sensors embedded in the same Smart Conductor and employing advanced analysis, comprehensive awareness of the health and operational conditions of power lines can be achieved. Results include:

  • optimization of existing infrastructure usage;
  • reduction of operational risks as real-time data help prevent overloads and faults in power lines;
  • integration of intermittent renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy into the power grid by efficiently managing production variability;
  • reduction of power losses and overall energy consumption optimization through optimized energy flow management on the grid, made possible by real-time DLR;
  • optimization of network operator decision-making processes in case of actual and potential issues thanks to real-time data.
What can Smart Conductor monitor with dlr
Here’s an example of how monitoring with DLR and Smart Conductor might work

3.1 Real-time temperature measurement of the entire power line

DLR provides a comprehensive and real-time view of the operational conditions of the line, allowing network operators to have precise and timely information in real-time about the temperature of the conductors along the entire power line.

The complete control of the temperature allows the operator to decrease or even eliminate safety limits related to current flow, thus increasing the capacity of the line.

With this monitoring, anomalies such as electrical arcs, phase imbalances, and adjacent fires can also be quickly detected along the power line, thereby reducing maintenance times and costs.

3.2 Ice load monitoring

The accumulation of ice on power lines can significantly increase weight and reduce transmission capacity. Integrated load and weather sensors with Dynamic Line Rating can help identify conditions conducive to ice formation and predict ice accumulation in real-time. This allows for the implementation of preventive measures such as remote de-icing or load reduction on the line.

3.3 Vibration monitoring

Excessive vibration on the power line can be a symptom of cable damage, loose components, or even sabotage. Therefore, vibration sensors integrated with Dynamic Line Rating are crucial for detecting abnormal vibrations and helping to promptly identify and resolve the issue. With these sensors, maintenance interventions can be scheduled only when necessary, pinpointing and preventing potential failures, thus reducing maintenance costs and downtime on the line.

3.4 Fault detection and localization

Dynamic Line Rating, in combination with other monitoring systems, can help quickly detect faults on power lines and pinpoint their location more accurately. This allows for reduced intervention times and faster restoration of power supply.

3.5 Detection of vegetation in contact with the power line

Uncultivated vegetation growing near power lines can cause short circuits and power outages. Dynamic Line Rating, in combination with other monitoring systems of the Smart Conductor, can help identify excessive vegetation growth that could pose a danger to the power lines. This allows for more targeted and efficient planning of vegetation removal or pruning interventions.

3.6 Monitoring the infrastructure’s health status over time

By analyzing the data collected over time, Dynamic Line Rating can help identify trends of degradation in power lines. This allows for the scheduling of predictive maintenance interventions before sudden failures occur, reducing the overall costs of network management.

4. Other applications

The Smart Conductor, in addition to DLR, provides advanced monitoring and performance management functionalities to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of demand and production forecasts, thereby contributing to the creation of a smarter and more resilient energy network.

Besides the applications mentioned above, Dynamic Line Rating can also be utilized by other players in the energy sector:

  • Electric equipment manufacturers can integrate DLR technology into their products to offer advanced monitoring and performance management functionalities.
  • Providers of smart grid solutions can use DLR to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of their demand and production forecasts, thus contributing to the creation of a smarter and more resilient energy network.
  • Microgrid Operators (MGOs) are professionals responsible for managing and operating a microgrid, a small autonomous electrical network that can operate connected or independently from the main grid. They can leverage Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) technology to optimize the performance and safety of their networks.

5. Conclusions

Integrated Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) in the Smart Conductor represents a fundamental innovation in the field of electrical grids, enabling real-time assessment of transmission line capacity and optimizing the use of existing infrastructure.

De Angeli Prodotti’s Smart Conductor stands out as an advanced solution that maximizes the use of DLR technology to offer numerous benefits to utilities and companies in the energy sector.

We at De Angeli Prodotti are pleased to confirm ourselves as leading players in the energy sector, offering increasingly innovative solutions for a more efficient, reliable, sustainable, and resilient electrical grid to meet the challenges of the future.

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