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Anti-Ice Conductors with hydrophobic surface treatment

calendar_today Wednesday 07 November 2018

De Angeli Prodotti has developed, together with a partner, a new super hydrophobic surface treatment.

“Designed for extreme weather”

De Angeli Prodotti has developed, together with a partner, a new super hydrophobic surface treatment. In our factory, a new production line uses the best technology on the market together with a well-proven process to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Conduttore Anti-Ice anti ghiaccio
Anti-ice conductor with super-hydrophobic surface


Ice formation on overhead conductors is a problem that affects overhead lines in many different countries all around the word. Since this phenomenon can lead to serious problems (in worst case also to the breakage of the line) the study of a solution is of particular interest.
De Angeli Prodotti accepted the challenge and studied different possible improvements to reduce the ice load formation on the conductor. This can be done in two ways: by retarding the formation of the ice on the conductor or by facilitating the removal of the already existing ice.
De Angeli Prodotti considered two different approaches: one that consider the geometry of the conductor and the other one its surface.
The most promising solution in based on a particular treatment that gives a super-hydrophobic surface. After years of research a specific varnish was developed and a new production line installed in the factory.


The first solution studied by De Angeli Prodotti was based on the study of a particular geometry of the conductor, designing the layers in order to have an overall zero torque.

Anti ice conductor zero torque
Anti ice conductor zero torque geometry

In order to obtain an even more efficient and versatile solution De Angeli Prodotti, together with an important partner, have developed an anti-ice coating based on the deposition of a thin layer of varnish using the UV technology.
The result is an eco-friendly process that can be applied to all kind of conductor. 

Figure 2. On-field test on treated conductor.


De Angeli Prodotti has developed innovative geometry and surface treatment to reduce the ice formation on the conductor.
On-field test confirm the efficiency of the treatment highlighting a retarded formation of ice on treated sample and a faster removal of it compared to a standard conductor.

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