Countinuously Transposed Cable

CTC ETP-Plus with ETP Copper

ETP+ maintains high resistance to mechanical stress, reducing production and design costs.


High power transformers are subject, during their life, to mechanical stresses caused by internal forces, generated between adjacent conductors, and consequently short circuits – these electrodynamic stresses,  shorten the life of the transformer significantly.

To overcome this problem, copper-silver alloy conductors are widely used.

The problem with this solution is mainly the high cost of silver which, consequently, increases the overall cost of the conductor.

CTC ETP-Plus with ETP Copper


De Angeli Prodotti has developed an alternative solution, allowing to reach mechanical properties comparable to the CuAg alloy. ETP plus gives high tensile strength with low decay of mechanical properties during use.

The main feature of this technology is the almost unchanged mechanical properties over the years spent at high temperatures – as shown by our life tests – unlike what happens with work-hardened copper, which tends to lose its mechanical characteristics in the time.


ETP plus makes it possible to achieve and maintain high resistance to mechanical stress throughout the life of the transformer, reducing production and design costs.


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