Paper-wrapped conductors

Wrapped conductors

The most flexible insulation technology: ideal for many applications!


It is one of the best known insulation technologies for conductors intended for transformer windings.

The conductors (round or flat) are covered with insulating material in strips of various nature and arrangement.

De Angeli Prodotti has one of the largest European sites entirely dedicated to the taping of conductors, where we can build products according to your specific requests, with the safest and most effective technology.

Wrapped conductors


The common kraft paper in pure cellulose, its calendered and / or thermo-stabilized evolutions, together with the micro-creped papers, are the ideal solution for machines in oil with limited thermal class.

For dry-type transformers and wherever high performance is needed, taping with alternative materials (Aramid, polyester, coupled, and many others on request) is available to meet the demands of all designers.

A quick overview of our suggestions is following:


Insulatin material Thermal class Suitable for oil Suitable for dry/resin
Kraft paper 105°C X
Kraft paper thermally-upgraded 120°C X
Micro-crepe paper 120°C X
Nomex T410 200°C * X
Nomex T426 180°C x *
Aramid tapes 180°C * X
Polyester/Mylar 155°C X X
Polimmide 220° X X

Other insulations or configurations (for example, coupled insulation systems or diamond-dotted tapes) are available upon request.


All our conductors are available in multiple configuration (up to 8 coupled strips) for the most complex windings (eg shell-type).


Like all our products, they are tailor-made together with our customers. Our technical team will support you in choosing the right materials and arrangements, to ensure the success of your projects.

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  • Paper wrapped insulated conductor for winding wires
  • Paper wrapped insulated conductor for winding wires

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