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High performance flat wires for rotating electric machines

calendar_today Tuesday 25 October 2022

We have developed FIBERGLASS and MICA insulated conductors with very high performance, used in rotating electrical machines

Decarbonization, well defined among the European Green Deal strategies, leads to the necessary policies for the revision of electricity generation systems. Added to this is the growing need to free ourselves, as nation and as EU, from the Russian gas dependency.

The authorization for the installation of plants that use renewable sources has a long and complex process, is it possible to implement a simplification? Is nuclear a green and clean source of energy? These questions have forcefully entered the debate among experts.

Among the technologies that use renewable energy (wind, geothermal, hydroelectric power) rotating electrical machines play a very important role. The high voltages involved require the use of windings, on the stator and on the rotor, with excellent insulating characteristics.

De Angeli Prodotti has been a strategic supplier for this market for several years, gathering in its portfolio a series of products dedicated to the world of high performance electric generators and motors.

FIBERGLASS insulated conductors

The aforementioned rotating machines must be subjected to a long operation in situations that can be particularly critical, the use of a glass or polyester-mixed glass yarn on enameled or bare flat wires gives the product excellent resistance to mechanical stress.

FIberglass insulated conductor
An example of FIBERGLASS insulated conductor

FIBERGLASS insulated type of conductor

The possible configurations of this type of products are severals: enameled or bare flat wires, in copper or aluminum, covered with glass or glass + polyester yarns (Daglass). The application of the yarn can be carried out using the classic polyurethane and polyester impregnation varnishes, or even with the use of epoxy varnishes to ensure proper cementation.

Conductors taped in MICA

The material consisting of calcined mica, a support of polyester or glass and impregnating resin, commonly called MICA, is a tape widely used in high voltage rotating machines.

The excellent mechanical strength, low dielectric loss and high insulation resistance are just some of the main characteristics of this material.

Mica insulated conductor
An example of MICA insulated conductor

MICA insulated type of conductor

90 microns is the most generally used thickness for, it is composed of about 60% mica, 10% resin and 30% other support materials. By appropriately adjusting the overlap and the arrangement of the papers, it is possible to achieve insulation thicknesses that perfectly meet the customer’s needs.

Mica/PETP, MICA/PETP/epoxy resin, MICA/glass are just some of the products that De Angeli Prodotti uses most for its applications.

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