Countinuously Transposed Cable

Flexible ropes for winding connections

Flexible cables and ropes for transformers' windings connections - Available also in Aluminium!



Making connections inside transformers can be difficult, since the conductor must be constantly bent on varying shapes.

Flexible and extra-flexible cables and ropes are designed to provide electrical performance equal to that of standard stranded copper wires, with the added benefit of high flexibility.

The flexible ropes for connection are obtained from a large number of thin wires, woven together in a wide variety of shapes.


Flexible ropes for winding connections


Our technology allows to compose together an almost unlimited number of elementary threads: by decreasing the size of the elementary wires, the final product will be more flexible, allowing to avoid, for example, the use of bending machines for connections.

Flexible cables can be bare or insulated with external tapes, among which crepe paper is the most common.

Our know-how has allowed us to also develop aluminum versions, available with the related bimetallic connectors, to avoid coupling problems: a smart alternative to copper!


Flexible cables are the best choice for combining flexibility and high performance.

Originally designed for use inside transformers, they are suitable for any application requiring large conductor bends.

Our flexible ropes are available also with rectangular shape and thus maximizing the filling factor.

The best connection for your transformer windings!

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