Enameled conductors

Enamelled conductors

De Angeli Prodotti enamelled wires are available in copper and aluminum. The configuration possibilities are many: choose the ideal solution for your projects.


The winding wire par excellence, developed and tested together with our customers to improve the crucial aspects of the latest generation winding processes.

Modern winders need today faster and more performing processes; the filling factors are maximized, together with the request to satisfy new and increasingly stringent tests. These are the concepts behind our enameled wires, designed to respond optimally to all these needs.

Enamelled conductors


Our enameled wires are available in copper and aluminum, round and flat – the configuration possibilities are many: choose the ideal solution for your projects.

Material Product name Index Thermal class Production range Reference standard ANSI Type
Copper Thervest H 180°C 0,18 – 5,00 IEC60317-8 NEMA MW72C
200 200°C IEC60317-13 NEMA MW35C
220 220°C IEC60317-57 NEMA MW36C
LL (LongLife) 200°C corona resistant 0,18 – 1,25 IEC60317-13 NEMA MW35C
Solvest F 155°C 0,18 – 1,25 IEC60317-20 NEMA MW79C
HS 180°C IEC60317-22
Aluminium Adhexal H 180°C 0,40 – 5,00 IEC60317-15
200 200°C IEC60317-25
220 220°C NEMA MW36A


Our enamelled wires are developed to maximize the smoothness during the winding phase, the malleability and the filling of the stators slots, through, through long refinement of the construction recipes of the products. Many tests show that our enameled wires far exceed the requirements of the reference standards, making them the best solution for small and large problems related to the winding of electric rotors and stators.


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