Countinuously Transposed Cable

Aluminum CTC

Lighter, cheaper, smarter!


Aluminum due to its low weight, good specific conductivity and low cost has replaced copper in a large part of the electrical demand.

For this reason the aluminum CTC is the smart solution for the windings on transformers.

Aluminum CTC


We were among the first in Europe to produce conductors for aluminum windings. Today, thanks to our wide experience in the sector, we can offer this solution on the market, providing a valid alternative also for power transformers.

To overcome the limited mechanical characteristics of this metal when requested, we can also offer CTC in aluminum alloy which, maintaining almost unchanged electrical characteristics (59.5% IACS), give the cable mechanical resistance equal to work hardened copper (Rp 0.2> 200N / mm2).


The experience of our customers tells us that, on average, it is possible to replace 100 kg of copper with 50 kg of aluminum – this allows us to help you building lighter, cheaper transformers and give greater sustainability to long-term projects, protecting them from the typical fluctuations of the commodity markets, to which aluminum is less subject.


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