HTLS conductors

ACSS (Aluminium Conductors Steel Supported)

Particularly suitable for replacing AAAC conductors, its core is composed of high-strength zinc-aluminium steel wires.



ACSS (Aluminium Conductor Steel Supported) is particularly suitable for the replacement of AAAC (All Aluminium Alloy Conductor) conductors: its core is made of UHTS (Ultra High Tensile Strenght) steel wires protected by a coat of zinc-aluminum and the conductive layers are in annealed aluminium.

De Angeli Prodotti produced and supplied more than 1.000 km of ACSS.

ACSS (Aluminium Conductors Steel Supported)


The zinc coat for the protection of steel from corrosion contains 5% of aluminium, which contributes to the reduction of the overall electrical resistance of the conductor.
The annealing of the conductive layers improves the electrical conductivity characteristics of the aluminium.
For the annealed external conductive layers, De Angeli Prodotti offers alternative shapes such as trapezoidal wires, “z” wires, etc.


The combination of UHTS (Ultra High Tensile Strength) steel wires with the annealed aluminium conductive layers results in a reduction of the transition point (Low Knee-Point), increases the current flow rate (Ampacity +100%) and allows a reduction of line losses.

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