Standard conductors

AAC (All Aluminium Conductor)

AAC conductor is a monometallic conductor, mainly used for short spans and for connection of electrical substations.


It’s a monometallic AAC conductor, mainly used for short spans and for connection of electrical substations.

AAC (All Aluminium Conductor)


Since these are standard conductors, they are regulated through international norms as EN 50182. De Angeli Prodotti can realize every customized composition.

De Angeli Prodotti proposes alternative shapes as trapezoidal wires, “Z” wires, etc. for all the aluminium wires.


The use of just aluminium makes this conductor have a considerable power flow capacity.

De Angeli Prodotti’s monometallic AAC conductor, regulated by international standards like EN 50182, stands out for its versatility and adaptability in various electrical applications. With the capability to customize compositions, the company ensures that its conductors meet the specific requirements of different projects, providing tailored solutions for short spans and electrical substation connections. Moreover, the introduction of alternative shapes such as trapezoidal wires and “Z” wires further demonstrates De Angeli Prodotti’s commitment to innovation and meeting evolving industry needs. By offering a range of aluminum-based conductors, the company capitalizes on the inherent advantages of aluminum, such as its corrosion-resistant properties and high power flow capacity, making these conductors ideal for use in diverse environments, including urban areas.

As the demand for efficient transmission solutions continues to grow, De Angeli Prodotti’s conductors play a crucial role in enhancing the performance and reliability of overhead transmission lines. With their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and ability to withstand extra high voltages, these conductors are well-suited for a wide range of applications, from rural to urban settings. Whether it’s AAC, AAAC, or ACSR conductors, De Angeli Prodotti’s offerings boast impressive tensile strength and robust construction, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in demanding operating conditions. The use of concentric lay stranded designs further enhances the durability and efficiency of these conductors, making them the preferred choice for modern transmission infrastructure projects worldwide. In summary, De Angeli Prodotti’s commitment to innovation and quality makes its conductors indispensable components in the development of reliable and efficient electrical transmission networks, driving progress and connectivity in the energy sector.


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