Surface treatments on conductors

calendar_today Friday 07 December 2018

Some examples of surface treatments on our conductors.

Sabbiatura, colorazione, anti-ghiaccio...
Sandblasted, coloured, anti-ice…

The surface of a conductor is what separate it from the surrounding environment and for this reason it is fundamental  to study it in order to obtain a conductor with specific characteristics for the particular situation in which it is used. Surface treatments allow you to obtain for example a hydrophobic or hydrophilic surface or a surface with different emission and absorption coefficients compared to a standard conductor.

Understanding the huge potential of these surface treatments De Angeli Prodotti has focused for many years on developing this kind of technologies. It can already offer three different products:

Conduttore sabbiato
Sandblasted conductor
Conduttore colorato (camouflage)
Coloured conductor (camouflage)
Conduttore non trattato
Non-treated conductor

In figure: Differences between treated conductors (sandblasted and coloured) and non-treated conductors

Some of these technologies have already been applied for some years in different area of Europe allowing De Angeli Prodotti to meet the customer’s demands.
The development of these and new technologies is constantly changing and evolving thanks to collaborations with companies as suppliers of surface coating in order to meet every new challenge.

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