Our new Conductors Web Configurator

calendar_today Tuesday 15 February 2022

A new software to help the user in the product selection most appropriate to his needs, to easily find the best possible solution.

The new software is finally online to guide our customers towards the choice of a conductor as suitable as possible for their needs.

We are proud to present the new Conductor sWeb Configurator, designed thanks to the joint study of our R&D Department and the developers who created the software. It is a truly innovative tool that confirms that De Angeli Prodotti is a world leader in the production of conductors for overhead power lines, which has always made technological development and innovation its mission.

TThis strategic line, which has allowed us to always be at the forefront of the competition, is now enriched with a new element: the Conductors Web Configurator. It is an innovative software that aims to help the user and customers in selecting the most appropriate product for their needs, in order to easily find the best possible solution for their applications.

How does the Conductors Web Configurator work and what is its goal?

The main goal of the conductors configurator is to help the user in selecting the conductor that best suits his needs. Therefore, from this perspective, the configurator is a simple, intuitive, but accurate and extremely useful software solution for guiding the user to the most performing solution.

This software allows the user to enter some input parameters required for the conductor’s selection. These inputs are automatically checked and validated, to ensure that they are always correct. Based on these data, a dedicated algorithm suggests the best available solutions. In a few steps the user can therefore easily find, among the many products made available by De Angeli Prodotti, those suitable for their needs.
Once the product has been selected, the user is able to view the conductor in 3D and contact the company directly, in order to request more technical and commercial information.

What are the features of the configurator?

We explained in general about how the conductors configurator works, now let’s see specifically which features it makes available.

First of all, let’s say that the software solution developed is divided into three main functions:

  1. product selection;
  2. visualization of the technical characteristics of the selected product with configurable 3D view;
  3. direct contact with De Angeli Prodotti s.r.l. to have more information.

Phase 1: Product Selection

First of all, this software must act as a Selector. This means that it has to select the available products starting from certain inputs. So the functions that the configurator offers are:

  • some templates, based on international industry standards, are offered to the user, providing valid bases from which to start;
  • user can enter input parameters, or modify them if it started from a template;
  • the input parameters are validated by the software, which ensures their correctness;
  • through a specific algorithm, depending on the entered data, the configurator selects the best available solutions;
  • user has the possibility to select the product he prefers, among those selected by the software.

Conductors selected by the configurator are also accompanied by an assessment of suitability, in the form of a percentage measurement. This value helps the user to choose the solution that best suits his needs.

Selettore template prodotti configuratore
The product selector allows you to choose between some templates
Selettore input template configuratore prodotto
The user can customize the choice by entering different inputs dynamically validated by the software

Phase 2: 3D video render and Configurator

Once the product has been selected, the software exposes the typical features of a 3D product web configurator:

  • visualization of the 3D model of the selected conductor;
  • description of the technical characteristics of the selected product;
  • exploded view of the conductor’s section with a dedicated animation;
  • possibility of changing the surface treatment of the conductor’s external coverage, according to requirements.
Configuratore 3D
The 3D configurator shows the recommended product proposed as a solution to the customer’s inputs

Phase 3: Direct contact form for information request

Once the conductor has been selected and configured, user has the possibility to directly contact De Angeli Prodotti requesting all the information it needs. The configurator will automatically provide our company with the specifications of the selected product, including all the user’s choices.
The information that may be requested are:

  • general information about the selected product;
  • a technical sheet with all the conductor specifications in addition to what is presented by the software.

Access to the conductors configurator

and start looking for the best solution for your needs!

The conductors configurator is a web application that can be used in a very simple and immediate way. So it does not require you to install any application on your pc and it works with any browser.

The software is developed by Airlapp based in Piove di Sacco (PD), a software house specialized in the creation of enterprise applications with the most modern and innovative technologies such as 3D real-time management, augmented reality (AR), mixed-reality (MR ) and virtual reality (VR).

Airlapp applies methodologies derived from software engineering, taking care of the entire life cycle of the product, from the initial analysis to the maintenance and evolution of the software.

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