De Angeli Prodotti increases the capacity of +50%

calendar_today Monday 10 January 2022

De Angeli Prodotti has acquired a new building adjacent to the main production plant, filled in with a main big stranding machine to increase the capacity of +50%

In De Angeli Prodotti the last couple years have been years of innovation and investments due to the increasing demand of the market to have more efficient and innovative products.

One of the biggest investment branch was dedicated to the production of the conductors for Overhead Power Lines with the aim of:

  • producing longer lengths;
  • handling bigger drums;
  • increasing of the production capacity +50 %.

We could reach these goals thanks to the acquisition of a new building adjacent to the main production plant where we could install a main big stranding machine to produce conductors and some related machineries for drawing the raw material.

The new plant is automated and technological in order to increase the productivity and facilitate the work of the staff.

It’s a big sign of optimism for the future, which gives us an upward push for the customer satisfaction, the development of the business, the increase of the jobs and the progress of our production plant.

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