An excellent service as a standard of efficiency of our customer care

calendar_today Wednesday 13 December 2023

A customer sent us a conductor wrapped on 4 battered wooden spools to be rewound on iron spools: mission accomplished!

In a context in which customer service is an integral part of our corporate strategy, the undertaking recently undertaken represents a significant example of our dedication to the third strategic line: “Competitiveness and Service for Mass Market Products“. This strategy is closely linked to our ambition to become the most innovative manufacturer of overhead conductors in the world, a sector of vital importance to our company.

Recently, an important customer of ours sent us some large conductor wound on 4 battered wooden spools and asked us to rewind the material on more robust iron spools. At first sight the undertaking seemed truly impossible but we have always enjoyed challenges and in the end as always, with a notable commitment of men of resources and time, we won it by returning to the customer conductors perfectly rewound and ready for be installed.

The destroyed reels have been successfully recovered!

Our major customer’s request to rewind a large conductor onto sturdier iron reels was not only an opportunity to demonstrate our excellence in customer service, but was also a direct implementation of our business strategy. This challenge was faced not only with the aim of satisfying the specific needs of the customer but also of consolidating our position in the market, remaining faithful to our commitment to be at the forefront of the overhead conductor sector.

Technical competence and determination to satisfy every customer request

Our response to this request was driven by the technical expertise of our teams and our determination to exceed customer expectations. In this context, customer service was not just an operational aspect, but was a key element in consolidating our position in the market and our relationship with customers. Our ability to meet such a complex challenge and deliver perfectly coiled products is testament to our commitment to becoming the most innovative manufacturer of overhead conductors in the world.

An excellent service for a leading present and future

In conclusion, this case represents a significant step towards achieving our strategic objectives. Our dedication to product service, combined with our ambition to innovate in the overhead conductor industry, positions us as an industry leader, ready to overcome future challenges and always offer the highest quality and service to our customers.

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