In an era of rapidly evolving energy needs and environmental concerns, the field of power transmission is witnessing a remarkable transformation. De Angeli Prodotti, a distinguished industry leader, has been at the forefront of this revolution. Their groundbreaking High-Temperature Low Sag Conductor (ACCM) is redefining the landscape of power transmission, offering unparalleled efficiency and sustainability.

In this analysis we compare a standard conductor made of aluminum and steel ACSR Ø 31,50 mm with an High Temperature Low Sag Conductor with a core made of stranded carbon wires ACCM Ø 31,52 mm (Aluminum Conductor Composite Multistrand) with trapezoidal wires.

These two conductors have equivalent characteristics on diameters and weight (ACCM is -1,5% lighter than standard ACSR).

Comparing the ampacity at continuous operating temperature you can see that the ACCM conductor is higher of +653 Amps that means +60% more than the standard ACSR.

Taking in consideration the peak ampacity at 100°C for the ACSR and 175°C for the HTLS.

In this case the ampacity of the ACCM conductor is still significantly higher than the Standard ACSR of + 599 Amps that means + 49% more.