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OPGW (OPtical Ground Wire) Ø 11,50 mm certified!

calendar_today Tuesday 26 April 2016

A new OPGW cable that contains optical fibers to allow the transmission of data.

De Angeli Prodotti enlarge it’s ground wire’s family: the certification process, for a Terna product for Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) Ø 11,50 mm, has been completed.

A rope that has the purpose to protect the power line from lightning strikes, parallel installed to the conductors, on the top of the air lines pylons. This kind of wire usually do not carry electricity, but it is needed to reduce the overall resistance of grounding.

Nuovo OPGW fune di guardia certificato
A new OPGW certified

The new OPGW cable, contains optical fibers, useful to allow the transmission of data, and keeps monitoring and safeguard the electric line. It will thus be possible for the telecommunications companies to benefit from this innovative product, without installing additional equipment and connections.

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