New vertical enamelling machines: higher productivity and lower energy cost!

calendar_today Friday 19 February 2016

We installed new enamelling plants to expand our product range and optimize our processes, both in energy efficiency and production processes.

The constant evolution of the market towards high quality products with specific special geometric features, to minimize electrical losses through increasingly smaller sections and increasingly stringent manufacturing tolerances, requires continuous investment to get the best production technologies.

In particular, in the field of high power transformers, the current trend is to reduce the section of the flat wires to minimize electrical losses.
This trend is clearly visible in the automotive industry with the aim to maximize the filling factor of the new generation engines / alternators, intended for electric or hybrid cars.

I nuovi forni verticali NewTech
NewTech enamelling machines

De Angeli Prodotti has always been in the forefront to fully meet customer requirements; at the same time it tries to optimize the internal process both from the environmental point of view and from that of production efficiency.

Vertical enamelling machine

The installation of new enamelling plants specialized in the production of these types of flat conductors, which provides for the gradual replacement of the more obsolete with newly developed machines, is our way toward achieving this important result: De Angeli Prodotti arises from always among its primary objectives the full satisfaction of its customers and has set out to expand its product range and optimizes its processes, both in energy efficiency and production processes.

The investment which involves the replacement of old systems with the installation of 3 new vertical enamelling machines (flat conductors) is a successful step for obtaining the goals mentioned above:

  • on the one hand, thanks to better thermal insulation systems and special design features, you get a greater efficiency in terms of energy and production (+ 50%)
  • on the other hand it allows us to upgrade our production range according to current market demands
  • the exploitation of best available technologies, allows the reduction of pollutant emissions (-50%) contributing to the minimization of environmental impact of our products, with important benefits for the local community.

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