Derailed Frecciarossa train: record time to restore the line also thanks to De Angeli Prodotti

calendar_today Friday 13 March 2020

Derailed Frecciarossa train: record time to restore the line also thanks to De Angeli Prodotti

Frecciarossa deragliato, linea ripristinata in tempo record anche grazie a De Angeli Prodotti
Derailed train: record time to restore the line also thanks to De Angeli Prodotti
Photo source: FS News

During the night of the last February 2nd, on the Milano-Bologna line, a high-speed Frecciarossa Train derailed. A fearful accident that caused the death of the two train drivers. Obviously, the High-speed line has been diverted on the historical section. This accident caused lots of delays in train arrives and the rescheduling of all the trains in the direction North to South (including Frecciarossa 1000 and business class).

What are the consequences of a train delay?

The delay in train arrivals, stemming from incidents such as the recent derailment on the Milano-Bologna line, can have far-reaching consequences beyond immediate disruptions. Punctuality is paramount in the intricate web of train schedules, and any deviation can lead to a cascading effect. Passengers relying on the efficient and timely arrival of trains may face inconveniences, missed connections, and disruptions to their schedules. Additionally, businesses and industries dependent on the timely transportation of goods may encounter logistical challenges, affecting supply chains and economic activities. The rescheduling of trains, as witnessed in the aftermath of the derailment, not only inconveniences passengers but also necessitates a comprehensive realignment of resources and personnel to manage the repercussions. Delays in train arrivals can thus have a ripple effect on various facets of society, emphasizing the critical importance of maintaining the reliability and safety of railway infrastructure.

Swift and collaborative efforts lead to rapid restoration of vital Italian High-Speed rail line

The operation for the restoration of the 3 km line started immediately and it needs more than 100 people between engineers, operators of RFI and several companies, starting from De Angeli Prodotti S.r.l. that, rolling up their sleeves and with no hesitation, started the production of the copper shaped wire and the messenger wire that, working days and nights, plus Saturdays and Sundays allowed RFI in record time to restore one of the most strategic Italian lines for the Frecciarossa high-speed trains.

De Angeli Prodotti travels at high-speed!

Here are some news that treat the accident and the reopening of March the 2nd:

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