De Angeli Prodotti crosses the Norwegian fjords

calendar_today Thursday 14 October 2021

De Angeli Prodotti has achieved another great goal: crossing the Norwegian fjords with a new 380 kV transmission line built to bring more energy to the Stavanger area.

NORWAY – De Angeli Prodotti has reached another big goal: the crossing of the Norwegian Fjords.

Stavanger fjord Norway conductor power line
Stavanger fjord Norway conductor power line

The project consists in a new transmission line of 380 kV built to bring more energy in the Stavanger area due to the increase of the consumes linked to the increase of the population in the city.

The customer invited De Angeli Prodotti to participate to the tender because they needed special, resilient and high quality conductor to cross the 2,7 km long fjord.

A conductor of Aluminum Alloy and Steel was designed and produced in our plant in Italy, one of the biggest ever produced in the factory with a diameter of 56,7 mm and a weight of 6,40 kg/m.

To reduce the corona noise and the shining effect of the aluminum wires, we proposed a sandblasted conductor. The process of sandblasting is made internally in a special machine that, through some guns, sprays a specific sand on the conductor to reach a rough and clean external surface.

The drums had a diameter of 3200 mm and they required special trucks for the transportation.

Drums are strengthened one at the time, so the entering angle in the capstan is approximately 0°. The direction of the outer layer of the conductor is R.H, so, it enters in the brake on the left. The number of turns of the cable inside the capstan was 4, no signs of “bird cages” were detected.

Explosive clamps have been chosen to fix the conductor that was cut and the two ends were prepared for the subsequent phases. The stringing sock was installed at the end of the reel for helping the re-winding of the reel. The other end was compacted by an explosive band and then prepared to the installation of the clamp that was done immediately after.

Please take a look at the video!

The span of the transmission line that is crossing the fjord is next to a distribution line existing since decades, but not anymore enough capable to move a big amount of energy into the city.

Stavanger construction site norway
Stavanger construction site norway

The sales team (represented by Vittoria Bottin) and the technical team (represented by Marco Scagnolari) of De Angeli went to visit the site to see the impressive infrastructure built to sustain the conductors.

The sites along the line were located on the rocks so they were not easy to reach; in fact a couple of helicopters were helping the workers to move the tools and the themselves from site to site. The helicopter was also used to bring the steel pulling rope from the south part of the fjord to the north part. The steel pulling rope was used to pull the conductors along the towers through the pulleys.

This project is defined one of the most spectacular infrastructures ever built in Norway, because of the big dimension of the conductors, the towers, the tools, but most of all because it is built on one of the most wonderful and visited fjord of the coast where some scenes of the last “Mission Impossible” with Tom Cruise movie were shot.

This mission was possible thanks to De Angeli Prodotti!

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