De Angeli Prodotti Showcasing Innovations at Middle East Energy 2024

We are thrilled to announce our participation at the 49th edition of Middle East Energy (MEE), a dynamic platform connecting the global energy community. Join us as we exhibit our cutting-edge products, including the ACCM Carbon Core Conductor and the Smart Conductor.

Why Join us at Middle East Energy 2023?

Come to know a bit more about our Innovative Solutions of Conductors for Overhead Powerlines.

Explore our products shaping the energy landscape in key sectors:

Smart Solutions

Transmission & Distribution

• Renewable & Clean Energy

• Backup Generators & Critical Power

• Energy Consumption & Management

Join De Angeli Prodotti at Middle East Energy (MEE) 2024 in Dubai, where innovation meets sustainability, and discover how our products contribute to a diverse, digitized, and sustainable future. See you there!