Mar 20 2023

Mar 21 2023

Coiltech Deutschland 2024

Augsburg (Germany)

De Angeli Prodotti to Showcase Cutting-Edge Solutions at Coiltech Deutschland 2023

We’re thrilled to announce our participation in Coiltech Deutschland 2023, following the long-term success of Coiltech Italia in Pordenone. Launched in April 2022, Coiltech Deutschland has been a resounding success, positioning itself as the international meeting point for the electromechanical world.

Why Coiltech Deutschland?

Coiltech Deutschland brings together industry leaders in Coil & Winding, covering the entire production process for electric motors, transformers, generators, electric pumps, and coil&winding technology. Our diverse range of products will be on display, showcasing our expertise in the field.

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May 14 2024

May 16 2024

CWIEME Berlino 2024

Berlino (Germania)

De Angeli Prodotti Unveils Innovations at CWIEME Berlin 2023

Exciting news! De Angeli Prodotti is set to showcase at CWIEME Berlin 2023, a key event in electrical engineering.

Here’s why you shouldn’t miss it:

• Cutting-Edge Technology: Explore the latest in electric motors, transformers, and coil winding machinery, with global leaders presenting state-of-the-art solutions.

• Networking Hub: Connect with industry leaders and enthusiasts, fostering collaborations for career growth.

• Expert Insights: Stay informed with sessions led by industry experts, covering the latest trends and opportunities in electrical engineering.

• Global Perspective: Gain insights into diverse markets and technologies, broadening your understanding of the industry.

• Market Intelligence: Access valuable insights, discover emerging technologies, and stay updated on industry trends for a competitive edge.

Join us at CWIEME Berlin 2023 for a glimpse into the future of electrical engineering! See you there!

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Apr 15 2024

Apr 19 2024

WIRE Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf (Germany)

De Angeli Prodotti Showcasing Innovation at wire Düsseldorf!

We are thrilled to announce our participation at wire Düsseldorf, a leading international trade fair for the wires and cables industry.

This event not only showcases the latest technology, specialty products, and innovative machines in wire and cable manufacturing but also serves as a global forum for industry experts.


Why Join us at Düsseldorf?

• Cutting-Edge Technology: Explore the latest advancements in wire and cable manufacturing.

• Global Networking: Connect with our experts, gaining insights into industry developments and trends.

• Business Opportunities: Establish and enhance business contacts, fostering innovation and collaboration.


De Angeli Prodotti will be at wire Düsseldorf, actively contributing to the innovation of overhead powerlines with Carbon Core Conductors and Smart Conductors.

Join us at our booth to witness firsthand how our products are shaping the future of the industry. We look forward to connecting with you.

Stay tuned for stand details!

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Apr 16 2024

Apr 18 2024

Middle East Energy

Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

De Angeli Prodotti Showcasing Innovations at Middle East Energy 2024

We are thrilled to announce our participation at the 49th edition of Middle East Energy (MEE), a dynamic platform connecting the global energy community. Join us as we exhibit our cutting-edge products, including the ACCM Carbon Core Conductor and the Smart Conductor.

Why Join us at Middle East Energy 2023?

Come to know a bit more about our Innovative Solutions of Conductors for Overhead Powerlines.

Explore our products shaping the energy landscape in key sectors:

Smart Solutions

Transmission & Distribution

• Renewable & Clean Energy

• Backup Generators & Critical Power

• Energy Consumption & Management

Join De Angeli Prodotti at Middle East Energy (MEE) 2024 in Dubai, where innovation meets sustainability, and discover how our products contribute to a diverse, digitized, and sustainable future. See you there!

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Aug 26 2024

Aug 30 2024

CIGRE 2024

Paris (France)

De Angeli Prodotti at CIGRE 2024 Paris Session

Exciting news! De Angeli Prodotti will exhibit at the CIGRE 2024 Paris Session from August 25 to 30 at Palais des congrès, Paris, France.

Why Join us at CIGRE 2024?

• We’re thrilled to announce that we will be showcasing our groundbreaking “Conductors for Overhead Powerlines” at the event as the Carbon Core Conductors and the Smart Conductor.

• Visit our booth to experience our revolutionary “Smart Conductor” firsthand touching a real sample.

• Our technology measures strain, vibrations, failure positions, and temperature along the entire power line.

Join us in Paris as we contribute to the energy transition dialogue at CIGRE’s 50th Session.

Stay tuned for stand details!

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Sep 18 2024

Sep 19 2024

Coiltech Italy 2024

Pordenone (Italy)

De Angeli Prodotti Showcasing at Coiltech: Leading the Coil Winding Industry

We’re excited to announce our participation at Coiltech, a cornerstone in the Coil Winding industry calendar. This premier event focuses on key sectors: Materials, Machinery, and Techniques.

Explore the latest in development, production, and maintenance for:

• Electric Motors

• Transformers

• Generators

• Power Distribution, Industrial Transformers

• Traction Solutions for Electromobility

• General Coil Applications

Join us at Coiltech as we unveil our cutting-edge products and solutions, showcasing our commitment to excellence in the Coil Winding sector. See you there!

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Oct 22 2024

Oct 24 2024

IZB 2024

Wolfsburg (Germany)

De Angeli Prodotti at IZB 2024: Unveiling Automotive Innovations!

De Angeli Prodotti is set to showcase our latest innovations about the Automotive sector at IZB 2024. The event, organized by Wolfsburg AG, will focus on elevating the trade fair experience, with a key emphasis on infrastructure expansion.

What to Expect:

• Proximity to Volkswagen Group;

• Diverse exhibitors from the automotive value chain;

• Top-tier networking for industry leaders.

Join us at IZB 2024 as we unveil cutting-edge solutions and connect with automotive enthusiasts. Stay tuned for updates on our participation… see you there!

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