The project consists in a new transmission line of 380 kV built to bring more energy in the Stavanger area due to the increase of the consumes linked to the increase of the population in the city.

The customer invited De Angeli Prodotti to participate to the tender because they needed special, resilient and high quality conductor to cross the 2,7 km long fjord.

A conductor of Aluminum Alloy and Steel was designed and produced in our plant in Italy, one of the biggest ACSR ever produced in the factory with a diameter of 56,7 mm and a weight of 6,40 kg/m.

To reduce the corona noise and the shining effect of the aluminum wires, we proposed a sandblasted conductor. The process of sandblasting is made internally in a special machine that, through some guns, sprays a specific sand on the conductor to reach a rough and clean external surface.