Starting from 2021, De Angeli Prodotti has supplied 350 km of ACCS-sens conductor to ELIA (the Belgian TSO), the works finished on Novembre 2022 and the conductor has been successfully installed. De Angeli Prodotti followed the entire stranding phase during the development of the conductor.
In this case, carbon core technology was the only possible choice to update a line in which the conductor used was a conductor made entirely of aluminum alloy, i.e. a lighter conductor than other standard conductors (with steel core).
The De Angeli Prodotti technicians carefully followed both the production of the conductor in the De Angeli Prodotti plant and the stranding in Belgium.
The monitoring system (sens technology) helped the De Angeli Prodotti team to follow all the phases of installation and laying of the conductors; with this technology it is in fact possible to monitor in real time the stresses on the conductor along the entire length being tensioned.