MEE 2018 – A new experience

calendar_today Wednesday 04 April 2018

We close the first participation of De Angeli Prodotti at Middle East Electricity with an absolutely positive balance.

De Angeli Prodotti al MEE 2018
De Angeli Prodotti at MEE 2018

We close the first participation of De Angeli Prodotti at Middle East Electricity with an absolutely positive balance, thanks to our most innovative products, which have aroused interest and admiration among visitors and exhibitors. In particular, the ACCM conductor was the absolute protagonist of our exhibition.

The countries of the Middle Eastern area, traditionally linked to oil, are preparing for the challenges of the next decades, profoundly modifying the electric grids, foreseeing the use of renewable sources alongside fossil fuels and the development of smart grids: everything will take place in a environment among the most challenging from the climatic point of view, with high temperatures and conditions that put a strain on the efficiency of the generation, transformation machines and network itself, where the theme of losses will become the key factor.

Un campo con pale eoliche sullo sfondo

A global challenge that finds new life in this geographic area – it is no coincidence that the next World Energy Council will take place in Abu Dhabi in 2019, in a geographical area historically linked to oil.

In this context, the use of cutting-edge technologies and reliable products throughout the network is crucial, allowing the transition to a new way of conceiving the production, usage and distribution of energy, cleaner and more sustainable. De Angeli Prodotti is at the forefront of this epochal change, with products able to meet the challenges that the future will take, constantly innovating.

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