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Cu-ETP Plus: electrical conductor for Continuous Transposed Cable for electrical windings

calendar_today Thursday 05 May 2016

De Angeli Prodotti proposes and patents an invention relates to electrical conductors for CTC.

CTC-ETP+ Patented

The context

De Angeli Prodotti proposes and patents an invention relates to electrical conductors for CTC.

Traditionally, the most widely used type of material for these conductors is the Cu-ETP copper, obtained by electrolytic refining, and characterized by the presence of oxygen and the absence of phosphorus.
But, the heat generated during the operating life of electric transformers (peaks above 100 ° C), causes the same effects of the annealing of copper (loss of mechanical properties) even though in longer times. So it is necessary that, knowing the presence of these effects, the copper does not lose too much of its mechanical characteristics (and electrical) with the temperature.

The origins

To overcome the mentioned limits, currently is used a copper-silver alloy: silver is a good electrical conductor and thus allows to maintain the conductivity at 100% IACS; at the same time decreases the impact of annealing on the crystalline structure.
However, the cost of the conductor increases significantly, because of the presence of silver.
To solve these question De Angeli Prodotti has studied and developed the innovative alloy Cu-ETP+, which is proposed as a cheaper but equally valid alternative to the copper-silver alloy described, the latter already technologically consolidated in the CTC production area.

The advantages

The Cu-ETP+ alloy can satisfy the functions performed by the CuAg alloy with a very lower cost and with the same efficiency and quality.
This innovative copper alloy contains a defined amount of specific alloy elements which, thanks to their specific characteristics and to the control of their concentration in the alloy, define the characteristics of the new copper.
Due to this greater resistance to annealing it is therefore possible to produce (enamelling) and use in transformers a copper transposed cable with Rp0.2% even higher than 300 MPa, as the CuAg alloy but without the inconvenience of the high cost of the material .
It is also possible to maintain a high electrical conductivity and thus have a CTC conductor, which fully fulfills its primary function of conductor for windings.

The future

The benefits induced by the use of Cu-ETP + designed and patented by De Angeli Prodotti are many, and they induce a significantly positive feedback given the enormous potential of the product.
De Angeli Prodotti has included in its technological know-how this invention, stimulating new enhancements and partnerships for innovative projects, always making available their own specialized R&D team.

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