CalaJoule: a great research contribution for the Italian Power Grid

calendar_today Wednesday 01 June 2016

De Angeli Prodotti offers a research contribution for the national electricity system with the project called CalaJoule.

De Angeli Prodotti has been awarded, at the first place in the category “Government, management and development of the National Electric System“, a financial contribution for a R&D project called CalaJoule, in support of the improvement of Italian Power Grid.

This project gives high priority to the research for innovative solutions for the reduction of line losses.

Calajoule birds on conductor

Line losses reductions gives more benefits:

  • first of all the possibility to transport energy without running into losses during the transmission phase, from the production plant to its final destination.
  • The consequence is the decrease of air emissions and the production of CO2, because of lower energy consumption.
  • Last but not least, is the possibility to consider the reduction of the related costs / life during the engineering phase of the line.

The research funding gives to De Angeli Prodotti the chance to proceed with even greater pulse towards the undertaken path for research and development of innovative solutions.

We are glad to give our own contribution that might be useful for many.

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