Anti-Theft solutions: no copper inside!

calendar_today Wednesday 12 October 2016

De Angeli Prodotti's range of products is getting more and more successful in the anti-theft area of the market.

Conduttori anti-furto
Anti-Theft conductors

De Angeli Prodotti’s range of products is getting more and more successful in the anti-theft area of the market, looking for creative alternatives to avoid copper robberies.

This topic is so important for Italian Economy that last week a new law has been discussed to to increase penalties for copper theft.

Whoever takes possession of metallic components or other material belonging to infrastructure for the supply of energy, transport, telecommunications or other public services operated by public or private entities in public concession is punished with imprisonment from one year to six years and a fine ranging from € 1,000 to € 5,000 – From: www.miolegale.it (art. 624-ter “Theft to the detriment of energy and communications infrastructures”)

It has recently been adopted on the Italian Railways Network a new solution for overhead lines and for connections in the ground, so that many hundreds of kilometers of these conductors have been already installed.

These new products are provoking great interest in other European countries and witness De Angeli Prodotti’s capacity to propose tailor-made solutions to its customers!

Antitheft conductor no copper inside

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