Nov 10 2021

Nov 11 2021


Dresden (Germany)

A meeting that will pass through different aspects on the  extension and renewal of the Overhead power lines in Germany. De Angeli Prodotti has been invited to introduce his most technological conductors in the market: ACCM (Aluminium Conductor Composite Multistrand), ACCS (Aluminium Conductor Composite Single) and ACCS – Sens with a monitoring system to identify the location of any damage of the conductor during production or installation.

Come to hear what we have to say!

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Jan 27 2022

Jan 27 2022

Fachtagung 2022

Fulda (Germany)

Fachtagung 2022 is the symposium on motors and transformers organized by ZVEI in Fulda. The high level of the speakers and the centrality of the topics covered make it a reference event in the sector.

We will talk about the new frontiers and challenges for static and rotating electric machines, with particular attention to e-mobility.

De Angeli Prodotti will be present: see you in Fulda on 27/1/2022.

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Apr 06 2022

Apr 07 2022

Coiltech Deutschland 2022

Ulm (Germany)

De Angeli Prodotti will be waiting for you at the smartest exhibition in the Coil & Winding sector in Germany.

Dedicated to materials and machinery for the production of electric motors, generators, transformers and windings in general. The exhibition will focus particularly on the emerging revolution of e-Mobility. Our colleagues will be pleased to welcome you in our stand.

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May 09 2022

May 13 2022

WIRE Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf (Germany)

De Angeli Prodotti is glad to present its innovations in products, in machinery and in smarter production at “Wire”, the world’s most important trade fair for the wire and conductors industry.

Please come to visit us at our stand to have the chance to have a conversation face to face and exchange interesting information.

We will be waiting for you!

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May 10 2022

May 12 2022

CWIEME Berlin 2022

Berlin (Germany

The global coil winding, transformer, electric motor, generator and e-mobility supply chain in one place: how can De Angeli Prodotti not be present? Of course we will!

We will be waiting for you at our stand to have a pleasant conversation about your needs, our products and the global market.

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Aug 28 2022

Sep 02 2022

CIGRE 2022

Paris (France)

The need of reliability, availability, future climate parameters, more frequent extreme loads, design against theft and vandalism, AC/DC Hybrid Lines, multi-purpose utilization (e.g. renewables, telecommunication), new multiple circuits lines, high towers, long spans, heavy wind and ice, high altitudes, geology, difficult access to site, no proper machinery, long lines and variation in reliability criteria, etc.. needs a turn on the quality and the technology of the conductors.

De Angeli Prodotti will present a surprise product at its stand during the Cigré 2022.

Be ready!

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