TCH De Angeli

TCH De Angeli is located in Le Havre (France), branch of De Angeli Prodotti since 2003, is known for its expertise in the production of standard bare aluminium and aluminium alloy conductors since 1968. But not only! This French plant can also manufacture standard upgraded conductors as AAAC in EHC (UK market), AAAC–Z (RTE in France) and HTLS conductors of 1st generation as ACSS and ZTACIR and conductors of 2nd generation as ACCC are in development.
The plant which is not very far from the port area (10 minutes) has a floor of 40.000 m² for production and storage.
The production capacity is about 8.000 tons per year with the possibility to increase it in collaboration with De Angeli Prodotti.

The main customers are: The French market in general with RTE as a main client since 50 years, SNCF, EDF, Prysmian, General Cable.

TCH is homologated with National Grid (UK), Aenor (Spain), Endesa (Spain), One (Morocco), Enel (Italy).



TCH De Angeli Le Havre