Best Paths Dissemination Event DEMO3 - Codrongianos

De Angeli Prodotti participated in the dissemination event of the European project Best Paths related to DEMO3 presenting the innovative conductors for HVDC power lines developed during the project.
The event was hosted by Terna in the Codrongianos substation, the main terminal of the HVDC SACOI connection (SArdegna-COrsica-Italy) used as a model of the DEMO, and saw the participation of the major European utilities.
Thanks to innovative conductors of De Angeli Prodotti it will be possible to upgrade the HVDC lines of the future and at the same time reduce losses.

Here are some photos taken during the event:

best paths demo 3 best paths demo 3 best paths demo 3 best paths demo 3

Here's the video presenting the Best Paths DEMO3 project: