De Angeli Prodotti

Our company

De Angeli Prodotti improves its activity producing electrical conductors in 1995, covering a role of "innovator" from the beginning.

We aim to be the manufacturing leader - in terms of quality and innovation - of both insulated and enameled wires for electromechanical applications and overhead power line conductors.
Maximum importance is given to continuous quality control carried out by expert staff both in the production departments and in our laboratory.


An important role is played by overhead conductors, for which we spend the maximum effort in research and collaboration with our costumers, to be able to supply customized and high quality products.
We have improved our high performance fibre and tape insulated winding wires, which are the right choice for the most severe applications.
Our two plants, in Italy and France, server both the European and the Mediterranean markets.
With our facilities we are able to cover all the production chain, starting from aluminium, aluminium alloy and copper wire rod to finished single strand and flat wires.


Our plant


People that form a dedicated workforce using the latest generation equipment and technology

1000 ton.

Of stock at service of our clients

50.000 ton.

Of copper equivalent total annual production capacity

55.000 m2

Of total covered area

60.000 m2

Of total area


Production range

  • Insulated round and flat conductors, fibre glass and Mica wires
  • CTC (Continuously Transposed Cable)
  • Enameled round wires
  • Enameled flat conductors
  • Bare overhead conductors
  • Catenary lines for railways applications
  • Round, flat and shaped wires in copper, aluminium and aluminium alloy for a wide range of mechanical and electrical applications