Adhexal PRO

"Engineered for Flattening"


Can your wire withstand the most severe winding processes?

De Angeli Prodotti developed new Aluminium magnet wires, specifically designed for the toughest winding processes.

Our technology allows Adhexal to guarantee dielectrical properties according to IEC standards even after flattening, for section reductions up to 35%. To help you reducing your machine size where needed.

Comparison tests with other enameled wires shown the superior performances of Adhexal PRO products.

adhexal normal magnet

Fig. 1: Wire from other supplier on 2xd winding and after 35% flattening


adhexal pro magnet

adhexal pro magnet

Fig. 2: De Angeli Prodotti Adhexal 200


BDV Decay after flattening

confronto adhexal pro e adhexal normale