Conductors for automotive

Conductors for specific automotive and e-mobility windings

Precise geometries, reliable insulation over time: the electric revolution passes from here!


The world of mobility is changing: the introduction of hybrid or electric technology in vehicles is now a reality. The electric motors and generators that power them require special characteristics.

De Angeli Prodotti looks forward to this revolution, which will be an important step on the path towards sustainability and decarbonisation of the planet for years to come.

Conductors for specific automotive and e-mobility windings


We can provide the right product for the construction of compact and efficient windings. Products resistant to the harshest conditions, suitable for prohibitive environments in terms of temperature, chemical and mechanical stress.


We have one of the largest product portfolios on the European market: this gives us extensive and qualified experience in a variety of solutions.

Our team of engineers can support you in your development: not just catalogue products to choose from, but the right choice to bring your idea of electric mobility to life: high efficiency, small size and consistent performance over a long time.


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  • Conductors for specific car and e-mobility windings

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