AAAC-SHC: a new development ... a new success!

De Angeli Prodotti designed and developed a new SHC (Super High Conductivity) Alluminium Alloy, in partnership with one of the world leader in Alluminium and Aluminium Alloy production.
Laboratory tests and production allowed a 7% electric resistivity reduction, so substantial reductions in line losses can be achieved, with significant savings on Power Utilities.
Finally the environment and community will gain benefits thanks to the CO2 reduction, resulting from the electricity lower consumption.

We attended a notable European tender for  the supply of low-losses conductors. We are proud to announce that De Angeli Prodotti has been awarded for the entire tender and we will supply the brand new studied AAAC-SHC conductor. 

It will be a pleasure to see the new completed AAAC-SHC line in the next months.