Engineered for very fast winding machines: THERVEST 200

Enamelled copper wire is a key product for the construction of electric windings.
Considered by many a commodity, it can actually turn into the decisive element for success.
Much has changed over the last few years: the new energy efficiency regulations have directed the winders to more and more extreme filling factors; global competition makes the efficiency of production processes, as well as of products, an indispensable element for the sustainability of companies in the industry.
In this context, the use of fast winding machines and total automated processes, make production stops and inefficiencies less and less acceptable for the industry.
De Angeli Prodotti, thanks to the long experience and partnerships with the best motor manufacturers and winders on the market, is constantly innovating the quality of its products over the years, bringing the THERVEST 200 enamelled wire specifically designed to work on the fastest winding lines in the world. 
Key elements in high performance productions are malleability and smoothness that, with the new recipe, are at the top of the category in every range of diameters.
We have chosen to improve according to these logic all our wiring conductor manufacturing, to be partners for the success of our customers.
That’s why in recent years De Angeli Prodotti has been selected by the most efficient manufacturers of electrical winding as a privileged supplier in order to maximize productivity.