Giant CTC

"Beyond the limits"



With the continuous aim of improving its capabilities, De Angeli Prodotti has employed its specialized staff to install the new CTC transposition line, in order to increase the capacity of a transposed cable: from the limit of 55 flat wires to a maximum of 85!

ctc machine


The continuously transposed cable consists of a set of electrically isolated rectangular sectional conductors which are transposed to form a flexible continuous cable and which allows for less losses, at the same section, than a single conductor massif.
By acting on the number of units (flat wires) constituting a CTC, several advantages can be obtained for the use in the transformer.



By increasing the number of transposed cable strips, it is possible to subdivide even more the conductor area than the one-piece configuration.
The current flow is distributed over a single conductor on a plurality of plates, i.e. there is the "fragmentation" of the cross section of the conductor, which allows:

  • Decrease power losses more
  • Increase winding flexibility
  • Optimize the size of winding

Which generally leads to an increase in efficiency and a reduction in the cost of the finished transformer.

Increasing the number of plates allows to insert more elementary conductors but with smaller sections, which has a positive effect on all of the advantages listed above.



The shared work of engineers and maintenance personnel has led to an important implementation in the range of production of continuous transposed cables at De Angeli Prodotti through the design of balanced solutions to get the most out of using a Giant CTC for power transformers.