Welcome ACCC!

Just few weeks after the signature of our partnership with the Californian CTC Global, we’ve been awarded the first ACCC (Aluminium Conductor Composite Core) order, from ENEL Endesa.

ACCC Conductors and ACSR Conductors

We are proud to start work straight away on this important collaboration with CTC Global, the worldwide leader on carbon core production for overhead conductors, that boasts more than 45,000 kilometers of ACCC conductor worldwide installed and divided on more than 450 project.
This innovative technology allows to get lighter conductors but at the same time with very high carrying capacity performance, providing also great economic advantages due to the reduction of line losses.
We will supply not only the conductor but also the fittings, and we will train the Enel’s engineers on site and in class, for the correct ACCC installation procedure.

We believe this is just the beginning for a prosperous future for ACCC and De Angeli Prodotti.