A new partner for De Angeli Prodotti: CTC Global

De Angeli Prodotti and CTC Global, from January 2017, started a new partnership: the collaboration has been made between our company, a leader in the design and manufacturing of overhead power lines conductors, and CTC Global, the American company based in Irvine (California), that developed and patented the composite carbon fiber core for overhead conductors.
The increasing demand for ACCC conductors in Europe, makes CTC Global and De Angeli Prodotti the best solution to an even broader range of advanced high performances conductors, combining the "Composite Core" of CTC Global to the Italian know-how of De Angeli Prodotti.

"De Angeli Prodotti is an innovative manufacturer of overhead conductors and other specialty wires for the power industry. We are very happy to add ACCC conductors to our extensive product line and look forward to offering its numerous attributes to our growing customer base.” - CTC Global’s Chief Executive Officer J.D. Sitton

De Angeli Prodotti is now the official partner of CTC Global for the production, development and distribution of ACCC conductors, for Italy, France and many European countries!

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