Aluminium inside everything: we further expand our production capacity on aluminium conductors

The brand De Angeli Prodotti is commonly associated with aluminium conductors for electric machines: it is not a case if we are considered the aluminium leaders. Choosing an aluminum conductor by De Angeli Prodotti, means taking advantage of a product coming from extensive research and proven technological excellence.

CTC Aluminium

Aluminium became, over the years, a viable alternative to copper, known to be more expensive, heavier and subject to major fluctuations in financial markets, linked to speculation and stock management at a global level.
Considered at the beginning an alternative metal, used in the production of small stators for mass-market, aluminium has become today the right choice in many aspects for a more stable and sustainable production: it is confirmed by the growing consensus that this metal collects in the construction of engines, transformers and large generators.

Ten years after the public presentation of the first transposed cable in aluminium, leaving our factories in 2006, we can now look back with pride at the success of what was considered a pioneer project and that, nowadays, sees the usage of aluminium CTC and flat conductors in distribution and medium power transformers up to 100 MVA: an achievement considered by many unlikely at that time, but already part of our history today.

In order to get close to the needs of those customers who want to innovate in an intelligent and sustainable way, De Angeli Prodotti further expands its production capacity on aluminium conductors through its new extrusion and lamination machines. The quality of the offered products further raises we can proudly present our new line of enameled and wrapped aluminium flat wires with section > 40 mm2 with excellent technical features, now appealing the interest of the best manufacturers of electric machines, and that will be increasingly used in the coming years.