CTC with smaller strips

"More power in less space"

De Angeli Prodotti always wants to be on the edge of innovation in the CTC market. Thanks to a continuous R&D work, De Angeli Prodotti improved its production capability in the field of small cross section flat wire for CTC.



The market show a constant trend to reduce cross section of the single strip on the CTC to minimize the Eddy losses on the winding.
To follow this trend, De Angeli Prodotti pushes the limit by lowering the size of flat wires for CTC with the challenge to produce a transposed cable with strips up to 0,8 x 2,5 mm.



This kind of CTC can be made with from 5 up to 55 strips.
Our internal tests have shown that is possible to build the cable both with wrapped paper (several layers), or netting configuration (polyester wire or net); the enamels usable are PVA/PVF or PEI+PAI to provide the requested thermal class.
Other trials have shown the possibility to use self-bonding enamel (standard or HT version of epoxy resin) over the base varnish.
In this way De Angeli Prodotti can cover all the request of its customers.



Reduce the size of the flat wires that go to make up a CTC give several advantages : 

  • Further reduction of the electrical losses in power transformers 
  • Further reduction of the winding dimensions due to better filling factor

  • Improved flexibility and help the winding process by the reduction of the transposition pitch




De Angeli Prodotti has developed a transposed cable with strips size significantly smaller than its standard limits. In this way the company can satisfy the higher demands of the market and increasing its production capability  giving back to the client several fundamental advantages in the manufacture of electrical transformers .