CWIEME 2016: a success of audience and innovation

Last CWIEME Berlin Exhibition brought to our team a great success, thanks to the many innovative products we presented, characterizing our philosophy, every day more focused on quality-oriented, innovative products, together with sustainable and efficient processes.

  • One of the best successes of this exhibition is our CTC with small-section strips, allowing to keep low losses and small dimensions on the power transformers winding. 
  • We also recall our patented ETP-plus copper: the same features of a copper-silver alloy obtained today through ETP copper, without any long-term decay of the mechanical characteristics: a great technical and economic advantage!
  • Aiming to constantly improve our customer experience, we also launched our new web service, ready2go. Ask our team the registration credentials: you will be able to check directly the material available in our warehouse: a new research service for you, to get what you need, as fast as you can.

All of this, together with a portfolio of new solutions widening day-by-day, makes De Angeli Prodotti the ideal partner for all those who see in continuous innovation their daily target.



Find out more photos about the event on our Facebook page: CWIEME Berlino 2016

CWIEME Berlin 2016